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Sound Design Reel | Narrative Film | Fall 2017

Sound Designer & Mixer. Includes excerpts from Silver, The Never Bell, Kun Fayakun, Elmore Dean, A Good Dream, IED, and Pink Moon.
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Viacom – Portal

Sound Designer & Mixer. Animation loop for the lobby screens at Viacom's Times Square HQ, 2017.
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deer chew


IdeaRocket, 2017. Dir. William Gadea. 30sec.
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nike football x

Nike Football X: Winner Stays

Sound Designer & Mixer. Picture Farm, 2016.
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C by GE

Post-Production Mixer. Commercial, 2017. Picture Farm Productions. 30s spot and series of 15s spots.
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Kun Fayakun

Sound Designer & Mixer. Narrative Short, 2016. Dir. Dharius Zulkefli. 15min.
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aladdin thumb

Aladdin – Cave of Wonders (Re-Design)

Just for fun! I made new original SFX, music and dialogue for this classic scene from Aladdin.
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good dream poster horiz

A Good Dream

Sound Designer & Mixer, Location Recordist. Narrative Feature, 2016. Dir. Mahum Jamal. 101 min.
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Elmore Dean

Sound Designer & Mixer. Narrative Film, 2016, 5min. Dir. Max Rothman. Shot entirely MOS! (no sound recorded on set)
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Distil Networks

Sound Designer & Mixer. IdeaRocket Animation, Dir. William Gadea, 2015.
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slice crash


Sound Designer & Mixer. IdeaRocket Animation, Dir. Willam Gadea, 2017.
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Sound Designer & Mixer. PSA for Transportation Alternatives, 2012. Dir. Andrew Chan Gladstone.
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Guggenheim – Fischli Weiss

Recordist, editor and mixer. Audioguide for "Peter Fischli David Weiss: How to Work Better" Exhibition at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 2016.
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Wolf 359

Recordist. Audiodrama podcast since 2014. Created by Gabriel Urbina.
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Sound Designer & Mixer, Location Recordist, Music Mixer. Short Documentary, 2013. Dir. Andrew Gladstone. 5 min. 
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citta grab 169

Citta’ dei Sogni

(City Of Dreams) Sound Designer & Mixer. Narrative Short, 2015. Dir. Paola Bernardini. 18 min.
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The Never Bell

Sound Designer & Mixer, Music Recordist & Mixer. Animated Short, 2014. Dir. Emily Lobsenz. 12 min.
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dirt cheap

Dirt Cheap

Sound Designer & Mixer, VO Recordist. Commercial, 2016. For Patagonia Provisions. Dir. Lake Buckley.
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no more morning 169

No More

Sound Designer & Mixer; Location Recordist. Narrative Short, 2015. Dir. Jeanine Frost. 20 min.
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Tekkers Guru

Equinox Furthermore: Tekkers Guru

Post-Production Mixer. Series of shorts. Picture Farm, Dir. Kell Mitchell, 2017.
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Sound Designer & Mixer. IdeaRocket Animation, Dir. William Gadea, 2015.
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tsv thumb

Tin Shed Ventures

Sound Designer & Mixer. Dir. Lake Buckley, 2016.
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Dating In Retrograde

Sound Designer & Mixer, Location Recordist. Comedy Webseries, 2017. Dir. Molly Evans.
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Sliver seance


Sound Designer & Mixer Narrative Short, 2017. Dir. Mikhail Saburov. 30 min.
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Remember Us

Sound Designer & Mixer Narrative Short, 2015. Dir. Mikhail Saburov. 29 min.
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West Elm: Putnam & Putnam

Post Sound Mixer, VO Recordist. Picture Farm, Dir. Chris Bren, 2015.
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Pink Moon

Sound Designer & Mixer Narrative Short, 2014. Dir. Sal Bardo. 17 min.
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Grady Tate’s Windmills

Sound Editor & Mixer. Feature Documentary, 2013. Dir. Matthew Pitkoff. 56 min. 
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gugg ubs map

Guggenheim UBS MAP

Post-Production Mixer for various videos as part of the UBS MAP Global Art Initiative at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Since 2016. Prod. Nisma Zaman.
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names of women horiz

Names Of Women

Music Recordist & Mixer. Documentary, 2017. Dir. Poppy Liu. Music by Melanie Hsu.
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Sleepwalkers - Official Trailer


Dialogue Editor, SFX Editor. Narrative Feature, 2014. Dir. Jason Merrin. 91 min.
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Like A Circle In Water

Sound Editor & Mixer, Music Mixer. Short Documentary, 2014. Dir. Andrew Chan Gladstone. 5 min. 
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Know Better Bread

Sound Designer & Mixer. Animated Whiteboard Explainer, 2016. IdeaRocket, Dir. William Gadea.