Remember Us

I did the sound design for this thrilling new film by Mike Saburov. Check out the trailer below. Coming soon!

"Remember Us" Trailer from Mikhail D Saburov on Vimeo.

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White Privilege Frankenstein

Here’s a Halloween-themed indictment of white privilege. I was location sound mixer on this.

When Frankenstein’s Monster gets into big trouble with an angry mob, his creator must change the subject to get him off the hook.
Written and Produced by Chris Carfizzi. Directed by Ken Dashow. Cinematography and Editing by Matthew Torres. Music by Allison Duggan. Featuring Parker Madison, Chris Gentile, Chris Carfizzi, Brian Michael, Margaret Reed, Peter Mele, Janet S. Kim, Kevin Sebastian, Marla Karaliolios, Matthew Rini, Lyssa Mandel, John DeSilvestri and Philip Casale.

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Eric Sherman – Songs For Work And Play Vol. 2

New tunes from Eric Sherman! I mixed the track “Agrarian Crucible: A Millennial Vignette.”

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Mel Hsu Sessions

I’ve spent the past month or so with Mel Hsu tracking her forthcoming third solo album. Here’s a few photos from the sessions, at Mavericks in NYC, and at violist/violinist/Mel’s sister Steph Hsu’s house in Yakima, WA.

Tracking piano

A photo posted by Jared Paul (@jpaulproductions) on

A photo posted by Jared Paul (@jpaulproductions) on

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The Trade

Michael “Boogey” Pinckney’s new short film The Trade, for which I was the Sound Editor & Mixer, has upcoming screenings this month at the Urbanworld Film Festival and the Coney Island Film Festival.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

"the trade" | TEASER from Michael A. Pinckney on Vimeo.

From prostitution to human trafficking to porn, ‘The Trade’ follows a day in the life of a young prostitute searching for her mother and a photojournalist searching for his missing daughter. A handful of disparate people’s lives intertwine as they all play their respective parts in this dark and dirty place where sex rules and green is the only color that matters.

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Distil Networks

Check out this video by IdeaRocket Animation for Distil Networks, for which I did the sound design.

Distil Networks from IdeaRocket on Vimeo.

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Watch Pink Moon Online

Pink Moon is now online for all to see!

Pink Moon (Full Movie) from Sal Bardo on Vimeo.

Also check out the film’s director Sal Bardo talking about the film on HuffPost Live.

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The Rock And The Redemption

On April 25, Composer Noah Baerman just premiered his new suite The Rock and The Redemption at Wesleyan University. The day after the premiere, Noah’s organization Resonant Motion filmed a special performance of the piece, and I was lucky enough to join them to record the audio.

Check out a couple pictures from the session below, and stay tuned for some great video soon!

Latergram from a couple weeks ago recording Noah Baerman's "The Rock and the Redemption"

A video posted by Jared Paul (@jpaulproductions) on

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Citta’ dei Sogni

Just mixed the breathtaking short film Citta’ dei Sogni (English: City of Dreams) by Italian filmmaker Paola Bernardini.

“Two boys run away from home in search of a better life in the wondrous region of Puglia, Italy.”

Check out a teaser below!

Citta' dei Sogni Teaser from Paola Bernardini on Vimeo.

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Funny Bunny

I’ve been hard at work the past few days with Melanie Hsu recording her original score for Alison Bagnall’s new film Funny Bunny.

If you’re in Austin this March, check out Funny Bunny’s world premiere at SXSW! In the meantime, check out a couple moments from the sessions below.

Film scoring with @melanielhsu

A photo posted by Jared Paul (@jpaulproductions) on

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