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I have been collaborating closely with Jared for the past three years. On a technical level, Jared is a brilliant audio engineer. His extensive knowledge of sound recording and his strong ear result in high quality recordings. However, even the closest of listens to our final recordings will reveal only a small insight into what it is like to work with Jared Paul. Jared’s patience is unrivaled. I have lost count of how many 3AM nights we have spent together in the studio. Coffee mug in hand, Jared will smile, disregard the clock, roll back the tape, and stay with us fully until we feel good about the music. He understands that the process of recording music is about much more than the final product, and thus, he listens fully to the artists and to the artists’ visions. His humble wizardry sticks with the ups and downs of making music and does everything possible to make those visions happen. I can say confidently that working with Jared is one of the major reasons why I am the musician I am today.
Mel Hsu

Every time I think about Jared being in control of the sound, I sigh with relief.
-Jess Best